Dear All,

I hope you are safe and well. 

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response since we announced that we’re temporarily reducing weekly payments by 50% to help keep you on the road and earning. For this, we thank you and very much appreciate your kind words and support. 

We remain hopeful that you’ll be able to continue with your work but that means you’ll have to constantly conduct your own risk assessment with personal hygiene and social distancing to help protect yourself and others. Please also follow the guidance by the UK Government.

We’ve been closely monitoring the public transport infrastructure and anticipate bus and train services may soon switch to a Sunday-type timetable. This may help you get extra fares as essential travel for some of the public has to continue no matter what. 

Restaurants and pubs are switching their focus to take-aways in order to stay afloat and retain staff. This may also benefit you, as instead of transporting people, you may be able to earn your fares from making food deliveries. Please reach out to your private hire operator to find out how they’re partnering with these businesses. 

Some of you have had to self-isolate or take care of family members and this is having an immediate impact on your cash flow. If you have to stop work, please reach out to us ASAP so we can make a plan for you. To assist your loss of earnings, please check the government services via your local authority in regards to any benefits or working tax credits that you may be eligible for. 

There are a small number of drivers whose private hire vehicle licence is due to expire. In this instance, we are at the mercy of local authority services, including testing stations staying open in order for new licences to be granted. We are monitoring this daily also. If they do close for business, we will do our utmost to supply you with an alternative licensed car where possible, to keep you on the road. 

During this unprecedented time, we remain commited to providing you with the best possible service however as you can imagine some of our recources are stretched so please only reach out if you need to. There may be delays in answering or returning calls & emails and we appreciate your understanding whilst we do our best to support you.

Stay safe out there. 




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