Specifically designed for our existing Rent to Buy customers, our additional support packages offer complete peace of mind.

“I love buying Tyres and Brakes” said no-one ever. And typically you’ll need to replace them at the most inconvenient of times. Usually when plating or insurance renewals are due or times when cash-flow is tight. This can cause for extra stress and anxiety so let us take the pressure off you!

The Consumables Package takes care of this with the equivalent weekly cost of two average fares! Whenever you need items, simply contact us and we’ll arrange the replacements. Job done.

Our Oil & Filters Service Package is designed for customers who are coming to the end of their Rent to Buy contract and wish to continue to enjoy our servicing support. Again, this convenient weekly payment takes the headache out of planning upcoming costs and organising the parts and service appointments.  



We use genuine manufacturer parts for Brake Pads and Discs. All fitting is completed by our service partner network and any work undertaken is by qualified service personnel. We are committed to providing you with an excellent service every step of the way.

Annual Entitlement

  • 8 x (total) Budget Tyres (FREE Fitting and Disposal)
  • 2 x Sets of Brake Pads or 1 x Set of Brake Pads and 1 x Set of Brake Discs (FREE Fitting and Disposal)
  • FREE Bulb Replacement Service (unlimited bulbs)
  • FREE Puncture Repairs*
  • 2 x FREE Front Wheel Tracking Inspections and Adjustments
  • FREE Appointment Booking Assistance for all the above

*If a puncture cannot be repaired, a replacement tyre will be issued from the above entitlement.


Call us to set up


We follow manufacturers guidelines on Oil and Filters requirements so issue may differ on each service depending on vehicle mileage. We only use genuine manufacturer parts. We are committed to providing you with an excellent service every step of the way.

Annual Entitlement


2 x Oil and Filters Services (Every 20K Miles)


Call us to set up



3 x Oil and Filters Services (Every 10K Miles)


Call us to set up


Additional benefits

  • FREE Engine Bay Fluid Top-Ups*
  • FREE Appointment Booking Assistance for all the above

*Fluid Top-Ups are limited to 4 litres total.

All packages are subject to contractual terms and conditions and are based on usage of 40,000 miles per year. For full terms and conditions, please contact us.


All our rental vehicles are subject to regular, scrutinous checks to ensure the high standard you expect. Any work carried out is undertaken only by qualified vehicle service personnel.


Whatever your requirements, we are here to help!

With a relaxed, no-pressure team to assist you, we’ll offer the best option to suit your needs.

Just a basic affordability test is required for Rent to Buy customers. If you can demonstrate the ability to make and keep up with weekly payments, we’d be happy to help you.

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading models from Hyundai, Kia and Toyota.

Instead of having to collect your rental from us, we’ll deliver the car to you and drop you home upon it’s return! How’s that for service?!

When your car requires a service, just visit the SERVICE CENTRE section of this website, fill in your details and one of our service advisors will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm your booking. It’s as simple as that!

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