(for Cardiff Council ONLY)

If you’re looking for a new career and need help with obtaining your Cardiff Hackney Carriage / Private Hire Drivers Licence or if you’re currently licensed in neighbouring authorities but wish to legitimately work the Cardiff streets, then check out our associates at The Taxi Academy.

The Taxi Academy offer in-depth and comprehensive courses for knowledge training to suit all applicants and budgets.

One can choose to attend group or private tuition classes or simply use downloadable material so you can work at your own pace at home.

What The Taxi Academy say –

“Based in Cardiff, South Wales and founded in the midst of the corona-virus pandemic, The Taxi Academy aims to help those who have lost the their jobs to get back on their feet and find a new income.

Unlike other schools, The Taxi Academy gives people an insight into what being a taxi driver is really like, and helps them choose which licence is right for them. We do this by giving you the actual information you need to make a real and informed decision about which licence to apply for. Then when you have decided which one, we can teach you what you need to know. Unlike some knowledge schools, our training is delivered by people who are actually still doing the job. Our trainers wont just prepare you for the test’s you need to pass to get the licence, they will prepare you for after the test, and be on hand to provide some advice, should you need it, during the first few weeks on the road.

Whether you just want some information about what it is like to be a taxi driver, some help in deciding where to get a licence from, or training to help you get that all important badge, we can help.

Our advice is honesty and impartial. Our aim is to help you make the decisions that are best for you.”

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or call them on 029 22 680850